RALITON the first DUAL ACTION Iron supplement with vitamins and minerals in Canada.

Benefits of RALITON

All Vegetarian

RALITON is an all vegetarian formula and does not contain any animal product, suitable for diverse patient population.

High Absorption

RALITON with its unique dual action formula is absorbed at two different sites at intestines that leads to better surface area for absorption and ultimately better absorption of Iron.

Less Constipation & Nausea

RALITON because of its unique dual action formula tends distribute medication better in intestines instead of dumping all the medication at one site results in less nausea and constipation.

Feel Energetic

RALITON is a special combination of Iron with vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, vitamin C, Vitamin B12 etc. leads to quick recovery of anaemia makes you feel a lot more energetic.


The best iron supplement I ever tried, I always had an issue with iron supplements, could never tolerate them despite my iron being so low, Raliton is truly unique, never got any nausea or constipation.

Samantha J

I was taking f*****x iron supplement for so long but my iron levels were not going up then my doctor suggested me Raliton and what a surprise, I started feeling better in a few weeks and my blood work came with a sharp improvement in my blood levels.

Nicole T

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